Wednesday, March 12, 2008

5 months old

Miss Molly is five months old today. I can't tell if it's hard to believe so much time has passed or if it's hard to believe so little time has passed. She's currently konked out from breakfast (ah yes, just like mama after a big meal) and I don't have the heart to wake her and weigh her. I'll try to do that later today. However I can tell you I spent the weekend retiring most of her 6 month clothing. The footie pajamas were the first to go. She's now wearing 9 and 12 month footie pjs with the 9 month ones looking awfully snug. Most of her 6 month onesies were a joke. It has recently warmed up so I attempted to put her in some of these that she has never worn before. They didn't even make it down to her booty let alone around it and back up to snap. Some of the ones marked 6-12 months still fit (Old Navy and the gap are the best bet), but we're starting to look at the 12-18 month range. I have a bunch of 6 month clothing still hanging in the closet with all of the tags still on. I've been trying to track down all of the receipts that I can so I can try and return/exchange some of these for bigger sizes.

So, tip for those of you buying baby clothes --- ALWAYS give the gift receipt. Sometimes little ones just go through a size too darn fast for your outfit to be worn. Tip for moms -- NEVER take off the tags until your child is actually wearing the outfit. Sometimes the weather just won't agree with whatever outfits you have on hand. I have a ton of onesies that Miss Molly has never worn because it was a lot easier to have her in footie pajamas than a onesie, pants, socks, and a sweater/jacket of some sort. I know some moms love to do outfits... me? not so much... Maybe Miss Molly is just a poop machine or maybe it's the cloth diapers that she immediately wants changed the second she does anything, but I just can't seem to bring myself to deck her out in a outfit when I have to take it all off within an hour to change her. And N? Forget it! If Molly is wearing something more complicated than footie pajamas when he goes to change her that's what she comes back wearing.

As you can see from recent posting Miss Molly is talking up a storm. Sometimes it's a long strand of one sound and sometimes she sounds like she's have an actual conversation. Oh yeah, she's going to be a talker. If you are having a conversation and she wants to join in she just gets louder. I don't know *where* she gets *that* from. She's also doing really well with this whole sitting business. Last Friday she was in a holdmeholdmeholdme mood and I was starving. I popped in a Baby Einstein dvd so I could sit down and eat and she sat up right during the entire thing (about 25 minutes). OK fine, she turned around to look at me a few times and I had to center her before she toppled over, but the rest of the time was all her. She's also trying to put one foot in front (or in back) of another when you hold her hands so she can stand. Girl wants to get mobile. Snickers and Sadie are so screwed! At least Michael and Charlie can hide.


Mama Bree said...

Sorry Kim but I think it's finally time to put her in some dresses. :-P Think about it - they're even *easier* to do changes than footie pajamas *and* as she continues to grow taller and taller, you won't have to retire the clothes so soon!

Also, another tip for those of you buying baby clothes - as cute and tempting as it may be, PLEASE DON'T buy the seasonal Christmas or Valentine's (or whatever) outfit! Even with a receipt, those can't be returned because they're "seasonal". :(

Kimmy said...

In the end while it's sort of annoying to do, you can always donate them to goodwill or a local women's shelter. I'm sure they take in women with infant children quite often

Kimmy said...

That last one was me