Sunday, October 12, 2008

1 year

Molly is *very* close to walking. She pushes her little walker toy all around the house and is trying to master steering it. She still needs some help when she gets stuck, but I think she understands the concept behind turning. Now it's just a matter of actually doing it. Molly also loves to walk towards you while holding on to your fingers. She's barely holding on and sometimes you can get her to only use one hand. So, she's definitely capable of walking on her own. Now it's simply a matter of doing it. Psychological hurdle if you ask me.

The weaning process has been going pretty well. At first she didn't seem all that interested in the bottle, but she slowly started ramping up how much she would drink. Just now she downed 8 ounces (half cow, half boob) before her morning nap. She still gets a ton of water during the day from her sippy cup and I was down to just feeding her in the morning. However, yesterday was a long day with her party and visitors so she did get some booby time before bed. I might have to feed her again tomorrow morning since she's had back to back feedings, but maybe I can just skip it and my supply will go away. We'll see. I'm really hoping I don't have to bring out the pump for relief. More importantly, I cannot wait to burn my nursing bras. Oh yes, BURN.

The nap situation has pretty much been reduced to one in the morning. Maybe once a week I'll get a second nap, but nothing I can really count on. The morning nap is usually around an hour and fifteen minutes long. I think it's been getting cut short by poopy diapers. Then it's a long 7-8 hours before bedtime. Sometimes she'll get a cat nap in the car while we're out. Sometimes she'll konk out in her jogging stroller after a walk. But, most of the time she's up until bed time.

Bed time has also been slowly getting earlier and earlier. I try to keep it closer to 8:00 pm, but sometimes it's more like 7:30 or even 7:00. As soon as she starts showing signs (yawning, eye rubbing) it's best to just get her down immediately because her wake up time is going to be the same regardless. Luckily she does tend to sleep at least 11 hours if not closer to 12. However, we've had some uncomfortable wake ups at 5:30/6:00. The house is damn chilly at that time too now that the weather is changing.

Molly still eats the jarred veggies, but for the most part she'll just have a little of whatever we're having. She loves to feed herself and LOVES pasta (with sauce only, not so much the plain pasta). However, pasta meals pretty much have to be followed by a bath so I try to space those out. A lot of the time I'll grab a salad from Zanotto's salad bar and get Molly plenty of garbanzo (favorite), kidney, white, and soy beans plus some of those little corns (think Tom Hanks in Big). She loves that!

Molly's motor skills are also pretty impressive. If I'm on my laptop she'll walk by and then hit the caps lock button on and off a few times (it has a green light when on) and then continue on her merry way. She's also figured out how to use the space bar to pause and then start up again videos on You Tube. Such a smart little cookie.

Asides from getting tired and a bit cranky after a long day I'd say Molly is one happy baby. Actually, she's not really a baby anymore. Definitely a toddler. I cracked Auntie Kim up the other night when I said, "When Molly was a baby she wouldn't move at all when she slept..." She thought it was hilarious that I said "was a baby". Molly's a big girl. She's looked old enough to be a toddler for a while now, but now I definitely think she is one. Her rolls are slowly coming off now that she's super active, but she also has those moments where she just leans back into me and has a nice long stare. Love mellow baby. Wish I could make mellow baby appear on a moment's notice. I mean mellow toddler.

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