Wednesday, October 29, 2008

And we're home...

It was a great visit (minus the snow flurries) and I am so very happy Molly and Emma had a chance to meet. I'll do my best to work on pictures today and get some galleries up so you can all see their cuteness. We put them in their Halloween costumes yesterday for a little photo session. Once again Molly is not a fan of her costume. She doesn't like stuff zipped (or in this case, velcroed) up to her neck or hoods (her costume has both) so she immediately starts tugging at it the second you put it on. Definitely learned my lesson and will take that into consideration for next year. Of course little Miss Emma didn't seem at all phased by her costume.

For the most part we hung out at Heather's place and watched the girls play. I really didn't pack any of Molly's toys and the only one she really had to play with at the hotel was her gift from Emma. I think Molly was getting bored. She was definitely the most relaxed and happy playing with all of Emma's toys so that's something to remember for our next trip.

We did venture down to the Mall of America and walked through their Underwater Adventures Aquarium on Saturday. Molly was into it at first, but it was nearing 2:00 and she hadn't had a nap yet so she got fussy towards the end. She finally did pass out in her stroller, but only for 30 minutes, and that was it. For the day. Unfortunately that carried into Sunday when we went to visit Chris and Emily and demon child made a visit. No really, Molly isn't normally like this. I don't care that all parents say that. Demon child is not normal. Honest!

Emily was also involved with a Halloween show that I had really wanted to check out on Sunday night. However, when we woke up that morning to snow flurries I didn't think it was going to be on the agenda. They ended up canceling the show... it was supposed to take place outside... in a park. Still a bit bummed about that one as it looked awesome!

Molly never really did adjust to the time difference. Her nap schedule got a bit messed up, but she seemed to be sleeping more at night. In fact she pulled off another 14 hours the first night and then slept a steady 12 hours for the rest of the trip (if not a bit more). It seemed like every time we were putting one girl down the other one was waking up. The up side is we did manage to get a lot of second naps in for Miss Molly (well, except for Saturday). I'm not sure if it was the fact that it was getting darker earlier or the time difference or just being in a new place, but she slept a lot more than normal. Perhaps she was just hibernating as it was in the 30's... a lot. ;-)


Mama Bree said...

good to see you had a great time and are back home! looking forward to the costume pics :)

Jennifer said...

Welcome back!!!