Friday, April 8, 2011

Santa Monica

N had a "work" conference this week at the Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel. Since this was just up the coast from Auntie Lisa I decided that Molly and I would tag along. We drove down on Monday and drove back yesterday afternoon. As soon as we arrived Molly spied the pool and proceeded to ask me 18 billion times if she could go swimming. Since she had done so well on the drive down I obliged. We immediately got into our suits once we were checked in and headed down to the pool where she spent the next hour splashing around. That night we took off to have dinner with Auntie Lisa while N got his geek on.

For the most part Molly and I took off and did our own thing with Auntie Lisa while N "worked". We stopped by and said hello between sessions and Molly immediately made use of some daddy time.

It was a nice and relaxing few days.

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