Thursday, August 18, 2011

Molly rode the train with me!

In a shocking and sudden turn of events (for those of you who really know me), I began commuting to work via train about a month ago. I don't do it every day, but try to at least 2-3 times a week. Molly seemed very fascinated with the process as I talked about catching trains at certain times, and she kept asking to ride the train with daddy... So on Tuesday, Kim took Molly to SF for a bit, and dropped her off in San Mateo on the way south so we could take CalTrain home.  The process of checking the schedule, buying a ticket, and waiting for the train was fascinating for her. When the train did arrive (loud and close)... she was immediately on her feet, clutching my hand, wide eyed, and smiling. Then the entertainment really began....   

<we board>

About 5 times she insisted that the train was going the wrong way... Because we ended up in a car where the seats were all facing backwards.

Me: "What kind of train are we on?"

Her: "White."

Me: "True... But it's actually a Diesel-Electric. Can you say diesel electric?"

Her: "Yea, sure... Later"


Her: "Uh oh, someone sneezed! <stands up, urgently> Scuze me, I gotta go talk to them." 

(this means she wants to go say "bless you" and then explain how to cough or sneeze into your elbow.

Me: "hahaha no honey. Stay here."

Her: "SIGH"


Her: "Daddy this is really fun!" , <takes off shoes>, <lays on my lap, while looking out window> "we're going really really really fast to the station! To RIO RIO RIO RRRIIIIOOO!!!!"   (imitating a musical section of the movie Rio)

Me: "hahhahah, Shhh stop yelling!! ... There are some folks trying to sleep!"

... Later.... 


Me: "whatcha doing"

Her ... Loudly: "oh, I was gonna try to POOP!"

Me: "..... oh..... Why don't you wait til we get home."


<Train shudders over a rough spot.>

Her: "ooh... train! .. Be careful... Dont hurt yourself"... ... "Daddy, can I get you a Diet Coke?"

Me: "I'd love one, why don't you call the waitress...." ( ;) there is none)

Molly: "hrm, let's play Cars"

It was a very fun and rewarding experience for both of us. The wonders never cease!!!!

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Mama Bree said...

very cool - if she enjoyed it that much, I'd recommend doing the overnight train from Seattle to home (or vice versa). It was a HUGE hit with both of our boys!!! :)