Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekend in Tahoe

We drove up Friday night. Molly had a long day (swimming at Granny's) and no nap so she pretty much passed out immediately. She didn't even want to be bothered when we stopped (twice) and told us to leave her alone. However, Chai wouldn't pee (hence the two stops). We've noticed she doesn't pee on walks and holds it until she gets back home. We've been trying to train her to go on the gravel behind the garage and apparently we *really* got that point across. When we got to the cabin about 1:00 am she finally went outside after some serious coaxing. Crazy freakin' dog!

This was the first time we didn't bother to set up the inflatable toddler bed and instead just let Molly sleep in the big bed. For those of you that have not been to the cabin these things are TALL. We got the serious pillow top PLUS memory foam mattresses (plus box spring and frame) and I swear they come up to my waist. However, Molly has always been very good about sleeping in a real bed so we decided to give it a shot. No issues (*knock on wood*) so far.

Yesterday we headed down to Camp Richardson so Chai could have her first swimming experience. The parking lot was full so we parked just off 89 and walked in. The wind was up a bit so there were some waves (I use this term loosely as we're talking about a friggin' lake here) and Chai was not exactly thrilled by the water coming at her. Eventually she did warm up, but stuck to wading in as far as she could stand for the most part. I think it helped that Sadie was swimming way out to retrieve a tennis ball over and over..... and over. Molly also loved playing in the water, but Lake Tahoe is COLD. When she started changing colors and shivering we pulled her out and stripped off her bathing suit and got her wrapped up in some warm towels. She pretty much started to fade immediately so we took off. N has some new map app on his phone and in order to "get points" (?) we ended up going down the road to Fallen Leaf Lake and decided to take the scenic detour back to our cabin. Molly passed out hard so we didn't get out once we hit the marina. I grabbed some snacks and then we headed back to the cabin.

Today we had a lazy morning around the cabin, but I wanted to take the kids (furry and human) swimming again. I was looking up dog friendly beaches since we were the only ones with dogs the day before. I came across Kiva Beach and it was the next beach past Camp Richardson. The directions took us to the next road past Camp Richardson which was the turnoff for the Valhalla and Tallac Historical Site. We still had to park on 89 as parking was about to be closed. We had actually cut through the Valhalla Estate the day before since we had moved further up the beach to get away from the live music at the Beacon and the wedding set up just past that. It was a pretty easy walk in and a hidden gem. They had a blacksmith there (Sat and Sun 10-4) and everything has been restored to it's heyday (early 1900's). I didn't get a peak inside the main house (Pope Estate), but Molly and I peaked in some of the cottages (Seamstress, Nanny, Cook's Quarters) and they were set up like a big doll house. All period specific furniture and decorations with some creepy mannequins to boot. I definitely want to head back there and explore some more when we don't have dogs to wrangle.

On our way back to the cabin we stopped in Murphy's Irish Pub to grab a pint on their garden terrace. There was already another dog there (very dog friendly establishment). They have a patio area with some picnic tables and umbrellas and then a huge grass lawn with a gazebo. Molly and another little girl there ran around and played. I also took Sadie off leash and let her explore a bit since it was entirely fenced in. Chai was itching to explore, but she had to stay on leash. It is definitely a kid and pet friendly place. A band was setting up just as we were leaving (kids were tired from their swimming adventure) that looked interesting. One of the members described them as hillbilly rock.

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