Sunday, November 13, 2011


Molly was Cinderella for Halloween this year. We went to the Disney Store and got the official dress. She had initially said she wanted to be Tangled (after discovering the Jack Skellington costume was for adults only) and then when they didn't have ANY Tangled dresses in the store she picked out Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella to try on. Sleeping Beauty was nixed once Molly realized there were long sleeves. She fell in love with the Cinderella dress. Molly actually got this same dress last year for her birthday and refused to even try it on because it was too itchy. We had a long conversation about this very fact in the dressing room at the Disney Store and Molly insisted it was fine. I should have known better.

The first attempt to wear the dress was during a trick or treat event at the Pruneyard. The kids get dressed up and go around to all the businesses for candy. N took Molly and met with with Jennifer, Robert, and Connor. Molly got about 10 feet across the parking lot before she insisted the dress come off. To be fair it was 90 degrees out and the dress is polyester and LONG. She ended up trick or treating in shorts, cowboy boots, and a Batman t-shirt. Eh, she got candy.

On Halloween Grandma Lucille and Papa J came down. Auntie Carina, Uncle Chris, and cousin Temperence also came over to go trick or treating. There had been a Halloween party at Molly's school that day. Another little girl was also Cinderella and N got some pictures of the two of them sitting together. However, it was another warm day and Molly was back in her normal clothes within 10 minutes. I was hoping it would cool off enough that night so she could at least go trick or treating. We got her in her dress and took some pics with Temperence who was dressed up as Tangled. Then we headed out. Since it was so hot Molly insisted on wearing her flip flops. The problem was her dress was long enough that she kept stepping on the hem. Not an issue in taller shoes, but a constant issue in her flip flops. Molly solved this by gathering up her dress and hiking it up above her waist. Yup, everyone could see her underwear. At first I thought she was wearing Cinderella underwear, but upon closer inspection it was The Little Mermaid. Eh, it was still blue.

We went to a couple houses and made it to the street behind us when Molly started to pull at the neck of her dress. Lucille ran back home to get a t-shirt. Unfortunately once the dress came off to put the t-shirt on Molly had no interest in putting the dress back on. So we went home. However, all was not lost as Molly had a BLAST handing out candy to the other kids. She LOVED this.

We got her little chair from out back and sat out on the front porch so Molly wouldn't accidentally let any of the furry kids outside in her excitement. Molly would inch down the steps and peer down the sidewalk in hopes of seeing some trick or treaters coming up the street.

Molly still talks about handing candy out. She keeps telling me soon she will turn 5, then it will be Halloween again (she's also said when it gets warm again it will be Halloween, ha!), and she can hand out candy to all the trick or treaters. I wonder if we'll even get her out again next year or if she'll insist on handing out candy all night long.

A few days after Halloween Molly and I went back to the Disney Store so she could spend some of her birthday money. Molly ended up picking out a Tinkerbell nightgown. However, she insists that it's a dress not a nightgown. I thought we were going to run into another situation where she'd get the dress and never wear it, but that wasn't the case. She wears this ALL THE TIME when we're home. She loves it. If only I had known this BEFORE Halloween we might have actually made it trick or treating.

Next year I'm getting her underoos.

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