Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tallac Historic Site

The last time we went to Tahoe... all the way back in AUGUST... we discovered the Tallac Historic Site. Molly and I went back and spent the afternoon exploring. They have restored the main house and the surrounding guest cottages back to its heyday of the 1920's.

All of the furniture and accessories are period specific. The best way to describe it would be a life size dollhouse. Most of the little cabins on the grounds had a sign out front letting you know who would be staying inside. I had my iPhone with me and there were gates across all of the doors which made taking pictures a little tricky, but hopefully you'll get the idea. This is the Butler's quarters:

However, once the water was spotted Molly insisted on swimming first, exploring later.

All done swimming and time to warm up in the sun.

Porch! *sigh*

Peeking in the windows of the main house.

Gazebo and tea gardens.

Molly loved this little carved out stool from a tree trunk.

Looking into the creamery.


Looking in the kitchen (main house). They have a barking noise that goes off when you get close to deter the bears. Molly LOVED that!

Nanny's Quarters.


And every now and then there was a creepy mannequin.

Tallac Fire Truck

For the rest of the pictures click here.

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