Thursday, November 29, 2012

Impromptu basement remodel

On Thanksgiving morning I asked N to run downstairs and grab me a roll of paper towels.  When he comes back upstairs he asks me how long the water heater had been leaking.

There was a big (Costco size) bag of paper towels in that corner between the dryer and the cabinets.  I had not noticed a leak when I was down there doing laundry so I honestly had no idea how long it had been going on for.  As it was Thanksgiving we decided it was best to tackle the NEXT day.

Molly and I got up and went to the movies with some friends while N went to Lowe's.  He picked up a new water heater and started the process of draining the old one.  It took FOREVER.  He started the process around 10 in the morning and it was almost 7 pm by the time we were able to drag the old water heater upstairs.  In the process of draining the water heater N decided to see how far the water damage went.  Goodbye old cabinets.

Since N had spent all day Friday dealing with this I told him to make plans for something fun on Saturday.  His idea of fun was a 14 mile bike ride that took 3 hours, with a 2,200 foot ascent/descent, and burned 2000 calories.  Needless to say nothing happened with the basement Saturday evening.

Then on Sunday N went to Lowe's again to pick up some metro racks to replace the torn out cabinets.  Then N got some ideas.  He decided (this is SUNDAY) to tear out ALL of the old cabinets, seal the floor, and paint the walls.  Something I have to admit we had talked about before, but never with such spur of the moment intentions.  My hesitations were the fact that we are dog sitting starting tomorrow and that I'm hosting a cookie exchange on Sunday.  As the entire contents of the basement were placed around the house I could only shake my head and focus on the nice end goal of having a clean basement with much more storage.

Now I had not really used the cabinets N had already torn out from water damage.  I had a few plastic bins piled on top of them with a card table set up in front of them to sort laundry.  So getting new racks that I could use in that area was already a big plus for me.  Once N decided to tear everything out I knew there was going to be a LOT more room down there.

Here is the back wall (my Costco storage area) before demo and still relatively stocked:

During demo:

Post clean up/hose down/shop vac'd:

Next step was floor sealer which N also planned to use on the walls.  He told me it was cement color.  Apparently we have two different definitions of cement as I was thinking along the lines of our cement driveway which is MUCH lighter.

N finished sealing the floor while we "discussed" wall paint options.  I picked up a pale yellow paint last night and N was able to finish the back wall.

The plan for tonight is to get racks up on this wall and move the contents of the basement back downstairs before we have 4 dogs in the house starting tomorrow.

Oh, and in case you were wondering what happened to all the demolition materials...

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