Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Impromptu bedroom remodel

Once I ordered Molly's new sheets and then a new set for our bed I was on a roll.  I ended up ordering a new bedroom set.  The new bedroom set I was gifted for our 5th wedding anniversary as the traditional gift was wood.  (Yes, we just celebrated our 10th)  The new set (Chase storage platform bed,  headboard, 2 nightstands, and 3 drawer dresser) was delivered on Thursday.  It's been sitting in our dining room and living room (still in boxes) so it was time to finally take care of the to do list for our bedroom.  First up?  Removing the entire contents of our bedroom so the floors could be sanded and sealed.  

Time to sand:

First coat completed:

Floors are done.

Last night N put primer on all the walls.  Then today he hopped on a plane to LA.  Next step is painting.

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