Monday, September 16, 2013

Math games

My morning was spent getting all of the Kinder math games into bins. There are 20 games. The teacher requested 3 copies of each game. There are 3 Kinder classes. Every game has at least one page of instructions that has been laminated. Some have game boards and/or cards. Those have all been cut, but most still need to be laminated. My goal for today was to get everything that's already been completed into a hanging file and then make a comprehensive list of remaining items to be completed. I moved everything back to school when I picked up Molly.

So, all this "down" time I must have now that Molly's in school?? Yeeaah, not so much.

Tomorrow is a shift in class then switching gears into Field Trip Coordinator mode and tracking down paperwork to make sure all parents have filled out all the necessary paperwork with the school. It's a charter school so parents are responsible for transportation on field trips... all 10 of them (that I get to plan with the other Kinder coordinators). It's cool, I volunteered for this.

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