Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Work Day

This is the first week of parents working in the classroom.  My work day is Thursday, but today I covered for another mom that had a sick boy at home and a traveling husband.  She has two kids in Molly's class (they are actually triplets, but their sibling attends another school) so it was a double shift. At lunch time Molly had something to show me... she had mastered the monkey bars!  Well, to be more specific the rail that goes along the monkey bars.  She doesn't like swinging from one bar to the next, but likes going down this rail sideways.  I was impressed.  Up until now I've only see her do the dead man hang on monkey bars.  

 I also lucked out and was there for the first day of Reading Buddies.  All of the kids in Kinder are assigned a Reading Buddy from a different grade.  Molly's class is paired with one of the 2nd grade classes and today was the meet n' greet.  They broke off into pairs and made bookmarks.  When that was done Molly and Chloe Grace (she made sure I knew her middle name too) went over to the reading corner and pulled out a book.  I love this!  Such a great idea.

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