Thursday, February 19, 2009

Made it to the pond...

N was kind enough to be on Molly duty this morning so I could take advantage of the gorgeous weather and go on a hike. I took off just as Molly was going down for her morning nap and got back home just as she was waking up. I made it up to the pond that we usually take the dogs to. I got lucky and could follow snowmobile tracks most of the way, but the last bit up to the pond (0.3 miles according to N and google maps) was just me and my snowshoes. Once I got there I was greeted by a bounding yellow lab and some cross country skiers. I don't think I followed our normal path the entire time as it's pretty disorienting with the snow coverage and openness from the fires. Every now and then I'd recognize some landmarks and realize I was off the trail just a bit. The trip back was a lot faster as it's mostly downhill. Lovely day.

The pond today:

How it normally looks when we go up:

Click here for more pictures from today's hike.