Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Snow, Round 2

It was an absolutely gorgeous day out so I decided to bundle Molly up for round two in the snow. Still not much of a fan, but she had less of a breakdown this time. She didn't mind the sled as much when we were behind the cabin and the snow wasn't as deep. I don't think she liked the deep powder because she felt like she was going to tip over at any minute (and a few times she did). The powder goes pretty deep as I was sinking in up to my waist in spots. We did a quick loop and then we headed out front. Molly was much happier walking around on the street that was nice and clear thanks the to sun that came out today in full force (oh and I'm sure the snowplow helped too). As we were heading back in I put Molly down in our driveway, but even those few inches proved to be too much. We'll keep trying...

(click on the pic above for more)

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Mama Bree said...

oh boy, now you've got me worried Logan's going to hate it when we go up this weekend!! *sigh* oh well, what can you do? :) maybe by this weekend she'll finally be used to it and show Logan all her fancy sledding moves?? ;-)