Sunday, February 15, 2009

Snow 1, Molly 0

We got Molly all bundled up in her snow suit and then N immediately took her outside. By the time I got my snow gear on and got outside Molly was already done. We tried to pull her around on the sled, but she was already upset with the whole situation. I didn't get gloves on her because she was already getting very annoyed by the time I got her boots, snow bib, and jacket on. Her jacket is a size too big so I think that's part of the problem. I bought her snow gear back in October when everything came out in the stores and wasn't quite sure what size to get. But it was a good thing I picked everything up when I did because swim suits and sandals were in stores by the time Christmas was over. We rolled her sleeves up so her hands were free, but I think they got too cold. We're going to try again. This time we are both going to be in our gear so we can just get her dressed and head out and both be there to distract her. We have all week. She better get used to it! ;-)

(N did take pics with his camera... who knows when you'll actually see them.)

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Anonymous said...

Poor baby! Must be something like the bubble baths eh?

Kim ya know you can get out of season clothing on Ebay ;-)