Monday, July 13, 2009

Does Sadie miss Snickers?

Several people have asked us that over the last few weeks. Our answers were always along the lines of she knows something is different, but she hasn't acted out so we're not sure how much of an impact his absence has made on her. She looked confused the first few meals when we only put down one bowl of dog food. I've also found her going into our bathroom (Snicker's hang out) and it's looked like she was searching for him.

Then last night we got back to the cabin after a visit up to Truckee with Auntie Nicole. The answer to the question is a resounding YES!!!

Sadie wrecked havoc on the cabin. Blueberries were scattered all over the floor. Bread was strewn about the futon. She even managed to pull some items down from on top of the entertainment center. However, the piece de resistance was the side door. Sadie ATE the mini blinds. AND there were bite marks on the bottom of the door frame.

Apparently being home alone in the cabin was too much for her. It was her first time here without Snickers. She hasn't acted out like this at home. That's probably because that's *home*. Oh yeah, and Michael and Charlie are there too. She did eat the Tickle Me Elmo box at Lucille's a few weekends back when we went to the water park. I had chalked that up to her being pissed because we pretty much arrived, dropped her off, and then left again for several hours. The box (Molly likes to put Elmo away) was *shredded*. It was also right at the front door so I interpreted it as a big F U when we walked in.

Now I'm thinking she might have just been lonely.

N believes she had an anxiety attack. Sadie has always acted more human than dog so that's entirely possible. I just hope she didn't ingest any of the blinds. They were too shredded to really tell if any piece was missing.


Sadie Sadie Sadie


heather said...

awww poor Sadie :(

Mama Bree said...

ugh. I heard about Sadie's tough time from Jon earlier this weekend. so sorry to hear she didn't take to being alone too well! :( poor girl....

Kimmy said...

aww poor girlie