Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Leo and the 4th

Molly and I spent the day yesterday with little Leo Hayes. His school was shut down this week for holiday and we were helping out. Leo is a doll. He was very enthralled with everything Molly did... and most of what Molly did was take every single toy I put in front of Leo away from him. But Leo didn't care. He was mesmerized. The only time I got any sort of unhappy noise out of him was when he had finished his bottle, but was still hungry. He calmed down as soon as he saw I was heating up another one, but boy was he not happy when he hit empty! Gee, that reminds me of someone else.....

Anyway, here are some pics from the day.

Can't talk... eating.

The second the boppi was free Molly climbed right on in.

The 4th of July dress that Aunt Kim made Molly last year still fits.

The rest of the pics can be found in the K - July, Aug, Sept 2009 gallery on smugmug.

1 comment:

Kimmy said...

I can't believe that dress still fits, but I am thrilled it does!

Ahh I miss all the fun stuff. Well hopefully next 4th I'll be back home