Thursday, July 2, 2009

I can do it myself.

Molly has been all about doing things herself these days. She's mastered her shoes. She can put them on and take them off without any assistance... and she gets them on the right feet about 80% of the time now. Molly is also successful when it comes to putting on or taking off her pants. She even got a pair of pants on OVER a pair of shorts the other day. Apparently she felt one layer was not enough. She still has some trouble with tops, but her noggin is so darn big that *I* have trouble getting some tops on her. Once they are on or off she has no problem getting her arms in or out. She's also really helpful if I'm getting her dressed or helping her with a tricky item like her swim diaper. She knows to hold on to me and lift one leg at a time.

Another great thing is that she has mastered putting things away. If she comes wandering out with an item that's not a toy (like a coffee mug) I will simply ask her to put it away and off she goes. It's great! Not so great when I ask her to put a stick back while we're out walking and she turns to put it back EXACTLY where she found it... across the park!

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