Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Nathan!

Today is N's

Today was also the release for the new iPad.


If you ask N it was clearly fate which is why he HAD to get one. Yup, fate is to blame. N was too weak to resist Fate.

Mmm hmmm....

Anyway, the day started out with a yummy breakfast at Stacks. Or so I hear. Since Molly shouldn't be around kids we stayed home and I did the last few items on my clean house to do list while she watched The Princess and the Frog and ate breakfast. She is doing MUCH better, but still not quite 100%. She's delicate. By delicate I mean little things that normally wouldn't upset her set her into meltdown mode. Like N leaving for breakfast. She completely broke down and kept repeating, "No daddy... no car..." Poor bug, not feeling 100% AND she misses N's celebration(S).

After breakfast Grandma Lucille and Papa J took Molly back to their house for the day/night. Molly was pretty interested in having her car seat in a new car and seemed pretty chill as they drove off. I then met up with the group at Sky High Sports for some major trampoline action.


We will definitely need to go back when Molly is feeling better as she LOVES to jump and this place is nothing but trampolines. She would be in heaven.

Unfortunately the trampoline place claimed two victims. One sprained (possibly broken) ankle and one pulled quad. Still totally worth it. (I can say that since I wasn't injured *knock on wood*).

The boys headed off to the mall to check out (and purchase) their reserved iPads while the moms headed home for nap time. I grabbed some last minute items at Zanotto's and let Sadie out real quick before heading to the mall for a super quick slice of pizza. Then we all piled into cars and drove up to Union City for some indoor skydiving at I Fly SF Bay. We had 4 kids with us as 3 years old and up can fly. They all LOVED it and asked when they could go back. It was a great experience and we have a dvd. We will have to get clips uploaded to You Tube. That would be N's department so it might be a while.

Then we headed back to our place for some food, home brew, and chill time. Well, as much chill time as you can get with a bunch of kids running around the house.

All in all it was a great day.

Happy Birthday Nathan!

I love you.

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