Sunday, April 25, 2010

Molly's new BFF

Last week we had Grover and Odin while Bree and Jon were in the hospital with Baby Callum. Molly was in LOVE with Grover. They followed each other all around the house. They would sit next to each other on the couch and cuddle. Molly would laugh hysterically as Grover gave her kisses. Instant BFF's. I couldn't even pull Molly away from Grover long enough to go jumping. As soon as I suggested it Molly got very upset and told me she wanted to stay at the house with Grover and started to wail at the very idea of leaving him. Mmm kay... we won't go... calm down.

Clearly it's time to get another dog.

Hey, I've been telling N for months that we need to get another dog. I've fully warned him that if we go to a shelter we WILL be leaving with a dog. It's completely up to him when to bring another one into the house. I'm ready. Molly clearly is too. The one that's most likely NOT going to be happy about the situation is Michael. He was so pissed off at Grover being in the house he STOPPED EATING. Yup, drama kitty held a hunger fast for the first day or so even though his food dish was safely on the other side of the gate for the office. Michael was so pissed off he went up to the kennel Grover was sleeping in just to hiss at him. Michael is not going to be happy when we bring a new dog home. Oh well, he'll eventually get used to it.

Sadie even warmed up to Grover and tried to play with him a couple times. He was a little overwhelmed by her and would stick to places where he had cover (like our dining room table). Eventually he got to the point where he'd jump up on her with his floppy paws only to retreat for cover when she immediately threw him off.

Grover trying to figure out his plan of attack:

Can you blame him for hesitating?

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Mama Bree said...

Grover misses his playmate too! Especially since Mom and Dad aren't giving him near as much attention as just a week or so ago ;-)

Of course I absolutely LOVE this post and all its pics!! Thanks Kim!! For the awesome pics but more importantly for the wonderful dogsitting care you guys provided while we were "busy" :) definitely is one less thing we have to worry about!

I, for one, would love to see you guys get another puppy!! and I would agree, seems like Miss Molly is also ready for one too! :)