Monday, April 12, 2010

A very merry half birthday!

Molly is two and a half years old today.

My how time flies...

I think the last "age" post I did was her second birthday. Well, a LOT has changed since then. She's a total monkey. The girl will climb on anything and everything. The world is her jungle gym. Molly is currently enrolled in classes at The Little Gym and she loves it! She actually has the same teacher (Mr. Dennis) that she had the first time she went there (when she was turning one).

Another favorite spot of hers is BouncyLand. This was a life saver this past winter. On a rainy day we'd head down for an hour or so and she would jump her little heart out and then nap well! Molly is also a huge fan of the trampoline at Tahoe Tot Spot and I can't wait to take her to the local trampoline place. Most days when we get in the car the first word out of Molly's mouth is, "JUMPING!" I actually have to be careful where I drive because she now recognizes freeway exits and knows when we're getting close to a jumping place.

Molly is a pretty great helper and does not mind running errands with me. I try to plan them for after gym class or park play dates so she's more mellow, but even when we do several in a row she's fine. I usually pay by credit card and now Molly has her own "credit cards". One is an old hotel key card of N's and the other is a Jamba Juice gift card (no balance) she snuck out with one visit. A few weeks back she led N to the front door and told him she wanted to go in the car and go shopping (her word for all errands) and then held up her credit card for daddy to see. Yeah, it starts early.

Molly also LOOOOOOVES music. Her current obsession is The Princess and the Frog and she'll often sing "Down on the Bayou" to me. It's super cute. Bob Marley is another favorite and she loves the Glee soundtrack. She also has most Mother Goose rhymes memorized and knows Frosty the Snowman by heart. The girl loves to dance and sing. I really need to sign her up for a music class.

The best thing Molly has mastered is the art of entertaining herself. She really can make a game out of anything. A few weeks back N and I were driving to a friend's place for dinner and Molly was in the back seat with a toy in one hand. She was playing keep away from herself! It was hilarious! It also helps on long drives (Tahoe) so that's a huge plus.

All in all I say we got pretty darn lucky. Molly is a great kid and we couldn't be prouder parents!


Kimmy said...

Of course she loves the Glee soundtrack. She has impeccable taste!

So how fast did N's heart sink at her asking to go shopping and holding up her cards?

Hayley said...

Oh I love her! She's so cute and clever, going to go far that little girl!