Sunday, June 13, 2010

Garage Project Update

It's been a while since I've updated the status on the Garage Project. We finally got the power switched over back in January and then started the plans and permit process. We got all that approved a little over a month ago and have been going back n' forth on quotes. Well, the contractor we ended up going with stopped by Tuesday night to answer some last minute questions. Once N was satisfied he asked when they could start and the reply was, "8:00 am tomorrow".

Garage was demoed on Wednesday.



End of Day Two:

I will be updating the gallery on smug mug so you can see the progress. Most recent pics start on the bottom of page 2.


heather said...

What are you guys going to build??

Kim said...

We are putting in a new garage that will actually be a bit longer than a normal garage for extra work space. Then once the new garage is built and we move all of the stuff that is currently being stored in the shed (that old structure on the other side of the back yard) we will tear that down and landscape the yard. I am also hoping for a little play structure for Molly with slides. However, N wants his own little shed/outdoor office thing. We'll see.