Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Spa girl in training...

I knew Molly had potential to be a future spa girl when she would flip over on her belly after bath time and pull her hair out of the way so she could be rubbed down with lotion. Lately it has become QUITE clear with her ever so subtle requests for back rubs and leg rubs. If you are sitting on the couch or futon you are a target. Molly will either flop down next to you put her legs over you or position herself so her back is right in front of you. She used to just wiggle back into you for the hint, but now she's getting bolder and will lift up her shirt and tap her back as if to snap her fingers and say, "Get on with it!" If you stop, she'll wiggle her shoulders in her silent plead for you to continue. If that doesn't work she will eventually say, "More mommy... please!" If that still doesn't work she will break out the hugs and kisses.

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