Monday, June 14, 2010

Pretty bracelets

Molly's latest obsession has been these bracelets. Well, they aren't exactly bracelets. They're actually beer bands that say such lovely things as "control freak" and "sex addict". She mainly loves them for all the pretty colors.... it's not like she can read yet folks!

Molly is actually really good with her colors. She has even busted out with a few particulars that stunned me. One time I asked her what color something was. When she hesitated I asked if it was blue and she corrected me by saying, "No, periwinkle!" quite emphatically.

Another time N thought something was pink and I thought it was purple. Molly corrected us both by telling us it was fuchsia. Apparently reading her the colors of all her crayons has paid off. Either that or I missed a very special Sesame Street episode that covered this part of the rainbow.

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