Monday, January 23, 2012

BBQ at the Jodoins

Um, I think this might have been Memorial Day weekend... 2011!!! Yes, N is VERY behind on pics. You can see them all here, but I'll post my favorites.

Connor: Oh, this is the BEER cooler?!? My bad... I was totally looking for a juice box.
Jessie: Act cool man... act cool.

Julie: You think you're so stealth...

Pretty sure Callum just woke up...

Logan: I didn't do it! You can't prove anything! No one saw a damn thing!

Sa-wiiiing batter batter!!!

Jarrod, manning the grill.

Ah, brotherly love...


Molly, my cutie pie!

Jamie... I don't know what it is, but she just looks guilty as sin.

Logan: Die! Die! Die!

Oh hi Grover!

Robert: Nothing to see here folks.

Jennifer and Nolan

Robert: I shoot you with water. You don't shoot me. I shoot you. Got that?!?

Molly: Bump it. You know you want to.

I will leave you with this LOVELY parting shot.

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