Sunday, January 29, 2012


Aunt Tracey was heading up to the city after Christmas to house sit for some friends. She wanted to take Molly to the Exploratorium so we all headed up. I'm glad we went as they are moving locations next year.

First we walked around the Palace of the Fine Arts before heading inside.

Such focus.

Molly was making audio clips and playing them back distorted on her new (to her) iPhone (N's old 3G).

Everyone was in this position trying to get a good shot of the dome.

I think N called this "owling". I didn't ask.

Let the wonder begin...

Molly has the power of air.

Aunt Tracey shattering the poor girls' illusion that she has power over air by explaining the science behind it.

Magnets will not defy her.

Making smoke signals...

Funny faces...

I initially wanted Molly to sit in the big chair, but she insisted that daddy sit there so she could have the little one.

N thought this was awesome! Aunt Tracey was horrified.

Molly was just thirsty.

Playing with shadows...

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