Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jellyfish graduate!

Molly graduated from the jellyfish class today. She's now an Octopus and has to focus on her kicks. The ribbon has been folded up multiple times so it was hard to get a good pic.


From AVAC:


In our Jellyfish level, we continue building on the skills from the Sea Horse level. We are teaching our students to be able to float on their tummies in a good streamlined body position which will allow them to move through the water efficiently. This level provides the foundation for all additional skills needed to swim with proper technique. We are also working to master a crucial safety skill - the circle swim. This skill enables the child who falls into a pool to turn him/herself around, swim back to the side, and pull him/herself out of the pool. The primary skills the student needs to master to move to the next level include:

• Independent glide on tummy with face in for 8 to 10 feet in good body position
• With assistance, being able to swim on tummy, roll to back and return to tummy
• Unassisted circle swim (described above)


Our Octopus level builds on the skills that our students have learned in the Jellyfish level. In this level we are concentrating on developing a strong and efficient kick to enable students to propel themselves through the water. The primary skills the student needs to master to move to the next level include:

• Being able to push off from the step or wall and kick for 10 feet in good body position
• Being able to float on their back unassisted for a count of 10
• Being able to swim unassisted, then roll to their back, and then return to their tummy and continue swimming


Ali said...

Fold a kitchen towel over it and iron it flat.

Kim said...

That would require using an iron... and locating the iron...