Thursday, March 22, 2012

New goggles!

Molly got these a few weeks back, but I was finally able to sneak a pic today before class. She was getting really red eyes from swim class and I decided it was time she could benefit from goggles. I had wanted to wait as I've heard kids can get very dependent on goggles and I wanted her to be able to swim without them. After one class where a lot of time was spent swimming under water trough hoops her eyes were really bad so we picked up some goggles right before her next class.

Molly loves them.

LOVES them.

When it's time to dive down and get toys or rings off the bottom the teacher has to make sure Molly doesn't get ALL the toys. If they are walking over to a different part of the pool Molly will pop her head under every few feet because she can. When the teacher is busy with another kid Molly is swimming in circles under water.

My little fishie!

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