Monday, April 16, 2012

The Big Bang Theory Influence

Molly's latest obsession has been Curious George. First the tv show and then the movie. Every now and then she'll ask to watch Big Bang Theory and I'll JUMP at the opportunity. She doesn't pay a lot of attention to it and tends to get distracted by her toys while watching, but it does make her laugh. However, a lot more is sinking in than I realized.

We were in the car and I'm waiting for her to buckle herself in (a constant battle). I know she's found something in the back seat far more interesting than getting IN her car seat and buckling herself in, but I still ask, "Molly, have you buckled yourself in yet?" while looking forward, knowing full well the real answer is a resounding NO!

Molly cheerfully responds, "Yup!"

Before I have a chance to catch her in the lie I can feel her slowly move forward between the seats as she's trying to sneak up on me. I wait to see where this is going to go when I hear a small whisper.

Molly: "Bazinga!"

Yup, I got Bazinga'd by my 4 year old.... and it was AWESOME!!!

Later she turns to me and says, "When Sheldon's in the ball pit he says Bazinga. He's silly."

Click here to see Sheldon in the ball pit. (Embedding has been turned off)

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