Sunday, April 8, 2012

S is for Share

Uncle Kyle sent Molly a lovely surprise in the mail. Molly was super excited that something had arrived that was for her. Once we opened the box and got all the Angry Birds out Molly took a minute to check each one out and then turned and asked me if she could give some to her friends.


I told her she could, but she should also pick out which ones she wanted to keep for herself. Her first pick was the small red angry bird. I then nudged her and said she could pick another. Her next choice was the small green pig. Molly then asked me to cut off all of the tags and was super happy to share the next time she saw her friends.

Last night Robert, Connor, Logan, and Callum came over and Molly was able to hand out her presents. Everyone was super excited.

I love love LOVE that her favorite part about getting a surprise package in the mail is that she was able to share with her friends. My little sweetheart.

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Mama Bree said...

yes, it was soooo super sweet! Callum is IN LOVE with his little blue bird - he's been sleeping with it every night since. Thanks again!! :)