Friday, October 19, 2012

Uesugi Pumpkin Farm

Molly and I joined the Sneeds to the Uesugi Pumpkin Farm.  When we arrived the fog had not had a chance to burn off yet and I was a little worried about the lack of jackets on my part.  We took the Yukon so we could all fit in one vehicle and my emergency back up jackets are in the back of my car.  It wasn't too cold once we got out and the sun quickly warmed things up.  By the time we took off we were all done with the heat.

We did a hay ride, rode the carousel, and took a little train through the pumpkin patch.  The girls had a great time and it was fun watching them take everything.  We then headed over to pick out our pumpkins.  By that time between the sun and the dust we were all ready to get in the car and go home.

The full gallery can be found here.

Yes, that is the amount in POUNDS.

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