Sunday, May 12, 2013

Angels Camp (aka Frogtown)

We went to Angels Camp for lunch.  It was another scorcher (94) and a lot of these buildings were constructed back when this was a mining town (you know, BEFORE air conditioning).  We took up about half of the place we ate at and it was a bit of wait for the food, but the food was delicious.  

The town's claim to fame is the Jumping Frog Jubilee which stems from the short story Mark Twain wrote called The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County.  

Molly passed out on the drive from the hospital to lunch.  She went to bed late and woke up earlier than normal.  The heat was not helping.

 The sidewalk was full of these for past champions.
 Walking to lunch.

 Waiting to be seated.
 Drawing with daddy to kill the time while we waited for our food.
 Molly thought this car was super awesome.
 Clothing store in the old Bank of America building.  The changing rooms were in the vault.
 Another past champion...

 Mark Twain statue at Utica Park.
 Why yes that IS ice in her hands... trying to cool off... was not working...
 Froggy trash cans... frogs EVERYWHERE.

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