Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dog and kitten sitting

Remember that gray kitten N found?  Well, he's now part of the Connally/Shipman clan.  We took him for a few days while they were visiting family in Texas.  At this time he was named Gandalf, but he has been renamed Minion.  Molly still calls him Gandalf and asks when we can watch him again.  
 So itty bitty:
 Fierce hunter:
 Surprise attack!

 Size comparison:
 Clockwise from left/9:00 - Sadie, Odin, Chai, Tobey, and Grover:

"Hi. My name is Odin and I'm a tomato thief. I like to pull them off the vine before they are ready and eat them in the bushes."
 Tobey likes to nap... a lot!
 Chai was a bit jealous...

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