Friday, July 5, 2013

MN, day eight

The heat and humidity were rising so we decided to cash in a Groupon of Heather's and head to an indoor bowling alley with plenty of A/C.  It was called the Mermaid and Molly was stoked to see the mermaid statue on top of the building.

 However, she refused to pose for a picture next to the Mermaid sign...
 Daddy's girl
 Norah's shoes were so small...
 The girls had an assist, but I think it let them enjoy the game more.  The only other time Molly bowled it took forever for the ball to get all the way down the lane.  This definitely sped things up for all three girls.
 I think Norah was the most into it...
 Groupon came with pizza and drinks.

 Molly's bowling shoes on the disco-fantastic stairs!

 All three girls had a great time...

 Phew!  I broke 100.  I believe the order was Molly, Emma, Norah, me, and Heather.

 Ice cream stop at the DQ.
 Norah enjoyed every bite...


 There's that tongue again... cuteness!

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