Friday, March 21, 2014

Granny's birthday dinner

Molly insisted on packing multiple dresses so she would have choices.  I fear traveling with her when she's a teenager.  

A better shot of our view.

Dig the socks...

Arriving at Shadowbrook for dinner.

We took the Hillavator down and Molly was very intrigued by the whole thing.

Granny and Aunt Tracey

Molly and I took a post dinner walk around the grounds.  I quickly showed Molly the tree down by the river (it is in a planter) that daddy shoved mommy into right before asking her to marry him.  The entire area was reserved for a 50th wedding anniversary party and they were doing a cocktail reception on that same patio so I didn't take any pics.

Getting her twirl on…

Wearing Granny's birthday headband while eating Granny's birthday ice cream sundae… as it should be.  (I bought Granny a Nothing Bundt Cake that was waiting for us back at the hotel).

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