Sunday, April 6, 2014

First tooth!!!

On Thursday I noticed that there was extra space between Molly's bottom front teeth.  I checked and sure enough the front bottom left tooth was loose.  It was not loose by much, but definitely had some wiggle.  Then on Saturday Molly got her crochet blanket stuck on that tooth and pulled it a bit.  This royally freaked her out as I imagine it hurt a bit and caught her off guard.  She got really upset and told me she didn't want to lose any teeth.  I calmed her down and talked her through it and then she started to get excited about the possibility of the tooth coming out.

Then today things got REALLY loose…

Molly was eating a bowl full of carrot sticks when her tooth finally came out!

Toothless Wonder!

Tooth Fairy pillow AND letter/picture to the Tooth Fairy under her pillow.

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