Wednesday, June 17, 2009

attack of the snot monster

Monday night when Molly and I went on our evening walk she got pretty winded about halfway through. When I picked her up I noticed she was super snotty (and it wasn't clear). I figure it was probably teething related, but it got progressively worse as the night wore on. N put her down just before 8:00, but she was up 20 minutes later screaming her head off. I rocked with her and she fell asleep on me and I put her back down. Then 20 minutes later she'd be screaming again. This continued for the next few hours and around midnight it escalated to the point that not only did she want to be held, she did NOT want us to sit down. That wasn't going to work. Put her down around 12:45 and let her cry it out. She was finally quiet just before 1:00 am. I woke up a few more times to some coughing fits, but she stayed down until just before 7:00 am. Yesterday was a quiet day at home, but even though I know she was super tired she didn't nap all that long.

When N got home from work I was pretty exhausted. For some strange reason 6 hours of interrupted sleep wasn't enough. As soon as Molly saw N she wanted him to pick her up. She would freak out if he tried to put her down, but was completely chill and quiet in his arms. He took over and I proceeded to shut down for the next two hours or so. When I woke up a little after 8:00 pm I found them on the couch. Molly was leaning back into N recliner style and concentrating more on her blanket than the tv. Apparently she went down ok, but started screaming a few minutes later. We both hoped this wasn't going to be another long night. N tried putting her down again, but she started screaming as soon as he got near her bed. So we just let her fall asleep on N as we watched a show. She did sleep through the night which was nice, but is still quite snotty this morning and is coughing quite a bit. It looks like we're going to miss her first swim lesson this morning.

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