Thursday, June 25, 2009

First swim class of the season

Yesterday Molly had her first swim class of the season. She loved being in the water again, but wasn't so thrilled with me handing her off to the instructor towards the end of class. She had already gone willingly a few times, but she was getting tired and was having nothing to do with this new person.

Molly still tends to do froggy kicks rather than the straight leg ones we were working on, but the point is she would do them on her own. However, "big arms" (that's what they call it) was just a game to her. She cracked up when I made her do it, but had no desire to do it on her own. However, she was totally fine reaching for whatever toy she could spot. To the point that she almost completely let go of me to get it. No fear that one.

The best part about swim class is the serious mellow mood Molly is in afterwards. It was still a little bit before nap time so we hit Trader Joe's on the way home. I don't think Molly made a sound the entire drive or errand. Total chill mode. LOVE it!

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