Friday, June 5, 2009

potty training update

Molly has gone potty in her potty about once a day for the last few days. She will start saying "Potty! Potty!" and then runs into her bathroom and starts to get undressed. She will sit on her potty for a bit while we read books and then she's gone. Just #1, but still a victory if you ask me. She's starting to realize when she has to go and not only asks to go, but also does so in enough time to go on the potty. Huge step forward if you ask me.

The one drawback is she has absolutely no interest in the pull up diapers I got for her. She will NOT let you put those on her. She's totally fine chilling on her potty while you grab another diaper, but does not want you to go anywhere near her with the pull ups. Good thing I didn't order those in bulk!

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Mama Bree said...

awesome news! great progress :)