Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fallen Leaf Lake and private pool

On Saturday Granny and Grandpa Marsh, Molly, and I went for a drive to Fallen Leaf Lake. We cut over on Tahoe Mountain Road so we could bypass some of the traffic on 89. It was a gorgeous day and a very nice drive. This is definitely a summer only area as the road was one lane and shared by cars going both directions. There were several cottages located on (and partially over) the water. It was gorgeous!

Sunday we were on the road by 11:00 am. Molly crashed out about a half an hour into the drive so we just kept going until she woke up. It was a scorcher of a day and at one point the temp gauge in my car read 97. When we arrived to Grandma Lucille's it was still quite warm out so she inflated the little pool she bought for Molly and we filled it up. Her backyard was mostly in shade so we decided to just strip Molly down and let her run amok. She loved being naked baby with her own private pool!

I also posted some pics in the K - July, Aug, Sept 2009 gallery from our last trip to the Children's Discovery Museum:

There were also some from Molly and daddy running around our front yard:

Oh, and one that will come in handy when Molly wants to start dating:

The gallery is in reverse chronological order so make sure you scroll back until you see Molly sportin' her awesome hat.

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