Tuesday, September 8, 2009


We've been having a lovely time in Tahoe. Uncle Kyle and Cathy joined us on Thursday and stayed until Sunday. I had picked up a Magna Doodle for Molly, but I think Kyle enjoyed it more. N and him took turns drawing numbers and quizzing Molly on them. She pretty much has 1-10 down at this point. Next up, the alphabet!

Most of our days were spent hiking and playing Settlers once Molly went down for the night. We had one heated game where Kyle, N, and I all had 9 points... ALL of the Development Cards were in play... AND I accused N of cheating. Heh. N won (he claims the "cheating incident" wouldn't have made a difference), but I'm still a little bitter as I would have won on my next turn which was right after his. Poor Kyle and Cathy were witness to a lovely little "discussion" between husband and wife. N also picked up the Seafarers expansion and we played that the last night Kyle and Cathy were here. There is a lot more going on in that game. In my final turn I got two points and ended up winning with 14 instead of the necessary 13 points. Yay me! ;-)

On Sunday I took Sadie on a hike while N hung back with Molly during her nap. We went up to the pond where there were two horses so I couldn't let Sadie off leash to go swimming. Her knee has been flaring up so we've been keeping her on leash for most of the hikes to help reduce the limping afterwards. So Sadie and I went past the pond and then headed up to the top of the ridge. There is a still a lot of fire damage up that way and it's pretty eerie.

We didn't quite make it to the top as Sadie decided she was done and started to pull me back down the mountain. This is as close as we got:

They are also doing a LOT of work on the trail up to the pond. What used to be a pretty narrow trail for the last trek up to the pond is now pretty much a fire road. The little Y junction to make that last turn up to the pond is now.... well, this:

The pic above was taken as Sadie and I were coming down from the ridge. The vehicles are right after you go across the culvert to get to the Y junction up to the pond. The cabin would be at 2:00 or so with the pond being at 4:00. There was still a lot of ash on the ground so Sadie and I were quite the sight by the time we got back to the cabin.

We also headed down to Carson City so we could hit Costco and pick up a new tv. The cabin is finally up to date! N can sleep better knowing we have HD capabilities in the woods. Of course now the lack of a high def tivo is glaringly apparent, but one thing at a time. The new dvd player is also capable of Netflix and You Tube (among a few other things) so we also have access to our Watch Instantly queue which is nice. We just need to do something about the blue cable going across the floor and up the ladder to the loft where the router is. Details, details.

Yesterday we drove up to Hiro's for All You Can Eat Sushi and to meet up with Auntie Nicole. We definitely made the right choice in heading up Monday night as opposed to Sunday night as there was NOBODY there when we arrived. We got our place at the bar and started stuffing ourselves silly. The bar was full by the time we were done and we pretty much rolled our bloated selves out of there. I love that place.

Click here for more pics taken on my iPhone (N brought his camera and will post those later). There are some cute ones of Molly at the park in Carson City.

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