Sunday, September 13, 2009

N's out of town, Molly's sick

Seems about right.

Molly spent last night at Grandma Lucille's while N and I went to Jon's birthday dinner. N had to leave early and catch a red eye to Miami for a business trip, but I was able to catch the movie 9 with most of the group after dinner. I picked Molly up this morning and Lucille mentioned she had a little cough and I chalked it up to the recent change in weather (we had thunderstorms for a whole 5 minutes!). We had a play date scheduled for... well, RIGHT now and I was hoping Molly would crash out for her nap early. She fell asleep in the car just before noon and I thought we were all on track to make the play date in time.

About 1:00 pm Molly woke herself up coughing. I got a pillow under one end of her mattress and crossed my fingers she wouldn't turn herself around and then rocked her to sleep propped up on me in her glider. She woke up around 2:30 and was NOT happy. When I walked in she was sideways in her bed so I'm thinking I might have to remove the pillow. Her throat is definitely sore as she sounds like she's been smoking 20 packs a day for way longer than she's been alive. Two popsicles and one yogurt later and she seems in much better spirits, but is definitely not feeling well.

Poor bug.

I hope she beats whatever this is soon. Swim lessons start back up this Wednesday.

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Sneed Family said...

Sorry to hear that hope she gets better