Friday, September 18, 2009

Greetings from Tahoe

Molly, Sadie, and I drove up to Tahoe on Wednesday. I woke up that morning and realized Molly gave me whatever cold she has been fighting this week and knew her first swim class was going to be a no go. So instead I packed up and got us on the road by 10:00 so we could head up to the cabin. Granny and Grandpa Marsh have been at their time share in south shore all week and we were going to join them. The drive up was a little tricky as I was solo parent and had a gimp dog in tow. I pulled up to our first stop and it was a lovely 87 out. I realized I couldn't just leave Sadie in the back of the Subaru while I went inside to go to the bathroom so I moved her up front and cracked the windows and tried to be quick. It seemed to work out just fine. We made two stops and it took a little longer than normal as I had to juggle Molly and Sadie, but it all worked out in the end.

We got up to the cabin and then I realized I needed to do something with Molly while I unloaded the car. So I buckled her into her booster chair, snapped the tray down, and gave her a snack. I put on an episode of Sesame Street for good measure and unloaded the car. I heard her holler at me a few times as I went down the stairs, but by the time I got back up she was into her show and could care less that I had disappeared for a few minutes. We then headed over to Granny and Grandpa's time share and I was really starting to feel the full extent of this head cold. The grandparents did their best to tire her out and we got some yummy meatball subs for dinner. Molly and I then headed back to the cabin and I hoped for a good night's sleep.


Molly's cough came back (I'm guessing the dry air was the culprit) and she had me up every hour between 8:00 and midnight. She finally fell asleep, but I was at that super annoying stage where you have that tickle in the back of your throat and your eyes are watering and you just can't fall asleep. So yeah, was more than a little tired yesterday. Luckily Granny and Grandpa wanted to spend some quality time with Molly so I loaded up a few things and dropped her off around 11:00. I was able to come back to the cabin and crash out for a few hours and felt much better. Molly had a blast and was able to go swimming in the pool at the time share. My dad also took her for a ride on the luggage carts (with sound effects) that they had in their lobby. When we arrived we saw one in the parking lot as some folks had just arrived and Molly immediately pointed at them and started saying, "Grandpa" over and over again.

Last night we went out for a nice dinner and sat outside. It was a beautiful evening and other than Molly tossing her new fuzzy monster in the fountain (which I totally called as I went inside to get food) it was a great night. We stopped by the new Red Hut Soda Fountain that opened up and I got myself a very yummy chocolate shake. Hey, my throat was sore and I needed something to soothe it! Molly slept through the night (as did I) and it was freakin' Sadie that woke me up just after 6 this morning. She whined first to be let out and I tried to get her back up on the bed with me. The little stinker then backed up just enough so that her wagging tail would thump against the door frame. Alright already, I'm up! When we came back inside I could hear Molly babbling. I blame Sadie. Luckily Molly was totally content to snuggle up next to me on the couch while watching Sesame Street so I was able to doze a bit more.

Granny and Grandpa checked out of their time share today and will be spending the next two nights at the cabin with us. Molly is currently napping and then we plan to head down to the Beacon for some rumrunners. Oh, and some beach time for Molly. ;-)

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Hayley said...

Poor you. I can't imagine being ill, alone with Inara and have her feeling bad too - PLUS a gimp dog. Good that your folks were able to help out, sounds like Molly and Grandpa had a blast!