Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Better in theory...

So before we went to Kauai I purchased a few float suits off the web. Think wet suit style, but bathing suit material, and a built in life vest. I thought Molly would love it. It would give her more freedom in the water and I just thought it was the best idea ever.

Boy was I wrong.

I attempted to try the suits on a few times before we left (I ordered three in different sizes and styles) and it was a HUGE fight with a freakin' octopus! I swear Molly grew extra limbs to kick with. We then just tossed the suits in the suitcase with the intention of trying them on in Kauai with N around. We tried to get one suit on in the hotel room and got it on enough to know that it was too small. So the next day I grabbed the larger one and brought it down to the lagoon with us. For some strange reason I thought it would be easier to get it on IN the water.

Once again... WRONG.

Molly FREAKED. Now she's usually pretty good about going with the flow, but there was just something about these suits that she didn't want anything to do with. We got this one on enough to realized it fit perfectly, but she was tearing at it screaming, "Off! Off!" so we had to take it right off.

Like I said... better idea in theory.

So, if anyone is interested in a Body Glove Kids Float Suit Blue, 2-3 (20-30 lbs) or Blue, 3-4 (25-40 lbs) or a Swimsafe Floatsuit - Navy/Electric Blue Size 2-3 let me know. The smaller Body Glove was tried on once on dry land (in the room) and the larger one did get wet when we got it on in the lagoon. The Swimsafe one has never been touched.

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