Tuesday, October 20, 2009

weekend wrap-up

N was in Miami all last week on business. Rather than fly all the way across the country and then fly 2/3 of the way back (he had to be in Detroit on Sunday for a work conference) he decided to just spend a day with his old roommate Ryan in Atlanta. He gets back from Detroit tomorrow evening and it will definitely be nice to have him home again. Molly asked where daddy was this morning and then asked if he could be "home now please." I keep telling her soon, but she's starting to doubt me. Unfortunately 2 year olds don't quite grasp the concept if what day it is and what tomorrow means. I'm sure she's going to be supper happy to see daddy again when he finally does get home (as will I).

Molly and I went to the Ren Faire Saturday morning. We drove through the Garlic Capital of the world to get there and I could actually taste it the smell was so strong. The Ren Faire was great. We saw a few shows and did a lap around the entire place. The forecast was for the upper 60's, but my car was reading 82 when we pulled out. I'm just happy I remembered to pack a t-shirt for Molly to change into.

Since I was a week into solo parent duties and N was going to be gone for another half of a week I dropped Molly off at Grandma Lucille's for a sleepover on Saturday night. I ended up going out to dinner with the Jodoins, Chouns, and Connally/Shipmans, but then took off for the movies. My original plan was to see a double feature of Couples Retreat and Whip It, but Couples Retreat was sold out. I switched over to Zombieland (HILARIOUS) and bailed on Whip It as it was almost an hour before it started. I took full advantage of sleeping in Sunday morning and picked Molly up around noon.

Molly was a dream for Lucille and Jim. She told them when she was ready for bed and after a hug and goodnight kiss she crawled right into her travel tent and passed out. She started to make a little noise around 6:00 am, but did not get UP until almost 8:00 am. They went to the park that morning and had a blast. I love to get a good report after a sleepover.

I'm pretty sure Molly is going through another growth spurt as she has been sleeping A LOT. On Sunday I put her down around 1:30 when we got home for her nap. She had a massive diaper that needed to be changed around 2:00. Then she spent the better part of the next hour babbling to herself. Not upset, but clearly awake. I decided I would go in and get her at 3:00 if she was still up. She quieted down a few minutes before 3:00 and I finally woke her up at 7:00 (!!!) so I could get some dinner in her before putting her back down. She was back asleep a little after 8:00 and slept until almost 8:00 the next morning. That coupled with the need for new shoes makes me think "growth spurt."

I also think her second molars are slowly working their way in. She has been using her fingers and sippy cuts as chew toys and since she's sticking them in the far back of her mouth I have to think the molars are working their way down. I haven't seen any break through the surface yet (and it's pretty hard to get a good view), but SOMETHING is happening.

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Kimmy said...

Ooohhh jealous! My broke self is still trying to find a way home and oh I will get there!

If I hadn't been working the renfaire here in KC, I might have been able to swing Casa de Fruita with you guys :)