Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Molly turns two today.


Time flies indeed.

We got together with a few friends and family yesterday and headed up to the Arata Pumpkin Farm in Halfmoon Bay. The main draw for me was the hay bale maze, but I think the kids were still a little young to really enjoy it. However, Jamie (6 years old) thought it was AWESOME so we might have to return here for another birthday when the little ones are a few years older. Still, we got some GREAT pictures so I'd say it was worth the trek!

Molly carried around this cute little pumpkin all day, but we left it behind!

I also realized last night that we never gave her a taste of her own cupcake cake. We have a few cupcakes left so she will definitely be getting one today for lunch. Not that she's a huge fan of sweets, but still... the girl needs a little something on her big day!

Molly's latest obsession has been numbers and letters. She sees them EVERYWHERE and is constantly pointing them out. Some days she'll have a favorite (right now it's W and 8) and will says those regardless of what she's pointing at, but for the most part she gets them right. Getting through a parking lot can take a while because license plates are the. best. thing. ever! She has sung the alphabet song correctly up to H and can count to 10. She does know the entire alphabet song, but she tends to skip parts of it. She also sounds like a stuck record when she gets to W and it sounds something along the lines of, "dubba ewe ew ew ew ew eweeee", ad nauseam!

When we were in Kauai her favorite thing was to push the buttons of the elevator. We would ask for 3 (going down/upper pool level) or 4 (our floor) and then she would shake her hands and say, "No more!" (a learned behavior after she tried to press ALL the buttons).

We stayed at the Grand Hyatt Kauai and they have this very open lobby where they have live exotic birds during the day. Molly knew all of their names (Niele - Hyacinth Macaw, Rico - Green Winged Macaw, Duke - Blue and Gold Macaw, and Malie - Moluccan Cockatoo) and would say hello to them every time we passed by. There were also two bird cages out by the pool just outside our room. We could see Lilikoi (Yellow-crested Cockatoo) from our balcony. The other bird was named Sugar (White-crowned Parrot, seen below) and was located by the Captain's Bar.

My mom wanted to get her used to having the "Happy Birthday" song sung to her so she started in as soon as we got back from our trip only to be met with a "No singing" from Molly every single time she started in on the song. She continued this all day yesterday. She would also say she was 10 whenever anyone asked her how old she was. I know she's wise beyond her years, but I think 10 might be pushing it. ;-)

However, Molly is a total mimic these days and I've actually caught her singing along to songs on the radio or tv. She LOVES to dance and shakes her booty any chance she gets. She also has a GREAT imagination and can make a game out of the smallest thing. We have had a few instances of the "terrible twos", but these have mainly occurred when she is overly tired or hungry. For the most part she's a pretty laid back kid who goes with the flow. She has her moments of shyness (especially if she just woke up), but warms up pretty quick.

Molly is also really affectionate. She loves to snuggle in close to you on the couch while she watches Sesame Street. She also started to say "owie" a lot because she got kisses in return, but lately realized she can just ask for kisses instead. Every now and then she'll be running around and playing and will just stop and run over to you and squeeze your legs in a big ol' hug and then goes right back to whatever it was that she was doing. LOVE that!

A few weeks back at story time another little girl grabbed a book out of the hands of another younger boy (closer to 1 year than 2) which caused him to burst into tears. Well, Molly would have NONE of this and marched over to the little girl and took the book away from her and gave it back to the little boy so he would stop crying. Awww, warms a mother's heart.

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