Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Future hacker?

I was telling a mom this Molly story today at school and realized I should blog about it before I forget all the details.  

About a month ago now, when our house was complete chaos from the bedroom remodel, I spied something very scary.  Molly wanted to play a game on my phone for some reason and kept insisting.  I was about to hop in the shower and I like her phone time to be supervised as she has a history of rearranging things on me.  I told her to wait and then went to get in the shower.  I came back out for some reason and paused when I got in the kitchen.  From there I could see Molly standing by the French doors in the dining room where the morning sun was coming in.  She was holding up my phone in the sun and tapping on it.  I could hear the faint buzz from incorrect passwords being entered.

Molly was using the sun and holding my phone at an angle so she could see smudge marks on the screen where the numbers were to unlock the screen.

Molly was trying to HACK my phone.

I watch this for a minute and then make my presence known by asking, "Molly, what are you doing?"

Molly jumps a little, but quickly recovers and wipes off my phone with her shirt and promptly replies, "Just cleaning your phone mommy" in the sweetest voice ever.

We are so fucked.  

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