Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Molly and N could not wait to give me their Valentine's Day gift... especially Molly... so I got my card Wednesday night.  This is what it read:

Totally sweet and an awesome gift. I then smile and say, "Ok she has a play date tomorrow. You'll be picking the boy up from Kids Park after swim class and taking them both to school. Then there's a party at school so you'll have to go back early to help with that. And then after school you'll take both kids to her doc's for the follow up to the TB test." As soon as I said play date N's eyes got a little big... it was freakin' priceless. He went with it, but I told him it was fine and we could just reschedule for another day when I didn't have as many random things planned. 

I still scored heart shaped pancakes though. 

 AND he cleaned all the dishes in the sink before he left for work. Double bonus!!!

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