Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Why my daughter rules...

We had a board meeting at the school today.  As we were cleaning up two different moms came up to me with cute Molly stories.

First mom came up holding a picture Molly had made her.  Correction... a REWARD CHART Molly had made her.  She informed the mom that she could put a sticker on each dot for every worksheet she did and when every dot was covered in stickers she'd get to pick out a prize.  The mom said she was taking it to work with her the next day and showing her boss.

The second mom that came up to me said Molly ran up to her and said, "Poke. Poke" while poking her in the side twice.  When the mom asked Molly why she poked her Molly said, "Because you're so cute!" and then ran off.  It made the mom's day.  This same mom also told me that one of the youngest kids there (siblings come to board meetings and we have babysitters) fell and started crying.  Molly was the first one on the scene and by the time the closest adult walked up the little one was all better.

That's my girl!

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