Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Kindergarten, day 2

It was a little overcast this morning so Molly grabbed her beloved Zebra hoodie for the walk to class. 

I was signed up to be Snack Parent today.  I didn't need to be there until 9:30, but with drop off at 8:30 I had an hour to kill.  Molly's school is right up against the foothills so I went to Foothill Park and did a little hike.
Hi Molly!
I did an "Under the Sea" themed snack.  Mini bagels with cream cheese dyed blue with food coloring.  Then goldfish crackers on top along with some broccoli coral.  Molly insisted on adding some carrots too, but I don't have the skills to make carrots look like coral.  Sorry!
 Molly helped with assembly yesterday when I put everything together.
 We took snack out to the black top and I helped Teacher Katie with recess time.  I walked the kids back to the classroom and headed back out to pick up the snack cart.  That's when I ran into Principal Lori King.  She was the Principal at Washington Open which is the parent participation elementary school Molly's preschool had a LOT of families go to.  So I was very aware that if you make eye contact with Lori you will be doing something for her.  I ran around campus locating various items she needed out on the blacktop.  During this she mentioned they were short of parent safety vests for parents working outside.  So I picked up some of those at Orchard Supply and donated them to the school.
After snack I washed all the dishes... you say OCD, I say the RIGHT way!

That night was the first Evening Meeting.  The first half was with Principal Lori going over the Parent's Handbook.  Then we broke out into classrooms.  Teacher Katie had this up:
Garage sale?!?!  Only Molly.

Molly also insisted I tell Teacher Katie four things when she found out I was going to the school for a meeting.  They were:

1) If Teacher Katie let us sleep in the classroom she would be super awesome teacher.
2) If she let us play outside during circle time I'd love it.
3) If Teacher Katie let me play at sitting time she's be an awesome teacher.
4) I love Teacher Katie!

So yeah, I'd say Molly is enjoying school and settling in nicely.

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